Well just finished reading a crazy post from a nice guy Steve Aether. I read his post " what if women were Malware?!(1) " . Good question?! And he's right women are malware. Like a malware they come into your life (pc) when the world is very pink for you (the computer is running smooth) and they suck the life out of you (some of them destroy every bit of your files) and others just clean out your credit card(phishing scams). So in a world with lots of threats (more women than men) you need to be careful and be protected(you need an antivirus)...That's why we need a good solution against malware(women) and the other threats like phishing scams(they can empty your bank account) or they can be even like Confiker (a virus that stops you from accessing security web pages) and stop you from watching a football game or going to a beer with your friends. A world without women would be like the internet without malware and the fun wouldn't exist. So what is the solution to this malware(women)? Well it's called BitDefender(men) ! Some men are real men(BitDefender Total Security 2009), others are macho men(BitDefender Internet Security 2009) while others are just grown up kids(BitDefender Antivirus 2009). What sort of men are you?!
Flawless draw

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Anonymous said...

Hey man! Great article! Thanks for the comment and for continuing the work I started!

Keep up the good work and don't forget to stay with your eyes pealed for tomorrows post :P on The OnSeeker about 'what if women were Malware?!'!


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